Loving Your Enemies

Loving our enemies begins with thoughtfulness and then leads to praying for their well-being. It means praying for God’s love and mercy for them. It means praying for their welfare, the welfare of their families, the welfare of those whom they love.

In doing so, in praying for our enemies, we are then placing ourselves in a position before God for God to bless us. And what might God bless us with? First and foremost, the presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit. Let’s face it, on our own, by our own will this is almost impossible. But as the Spirit fills us; as the Spirit turns our hearts from anger and hatred; as the Spirit moves us to what is right, what is noble…………then we are changed as well.

As the Holy Spirit blesses our intentions; as the Holy Spirit blesses our thoughtfulness, as the Holy Spirit fills our hearts and minds with alternatives to reaction and payback, then our spirit begins to take on the flavor of God’s Spirit. We begin to change. Our emotions begin to shift. From reactive anger to thoughtful consideration. From faithful consideration to heartfelt prayers. From heartfelt prayers to changes in our spirit. We begin to love – even our enemies.