It is a matter of…

From Sunday’s sermon: “It is not a matter of bigger choirs, more comfortable pews or chairs, better stain glass, or recapturing the great preaching of the past. It is not a matter of doing church better, bigger, or in a flashier fashion. It is not a question of championing robes or no robes, hymns or praise music, paper or technology.

It is a matter of embracing humility and a servant’s lifestyle instead of cultural prerogatives and status. It is a matter of leaving judgment up to God and embracing a compelling love and service to all. It is a matter of being willing to listen to those that we want to reach and then daring to rethink the ways we minister so that we can authentically, relationally, and intentionally share the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

What is it about “bigger, better, and flashier” that seems so important to us? How does cultural status and position in the community become a goal instead of only vehicles to greater desired ends – witness and service? How does the church move from defender of the status quo to full participant in the Holy Spirit’s transformative new work? What are YOU looking for from the church? What does the church need to hear?

2 thoughts on “It is a matter of…

  1. What am I looking for from the local church? What I like about your sermons is I always find a nugget or two to struggle with or mull over. It’s better than a list of how to live in the joy of the Lord or a lot of history knowledge about the Bible…so here goes. God’s power is given to the church for his purposes, not for human agendas. I Cor 2:4-5

    For divine power to flow into and through the local body, our church must hold firmly to scripture. A faith community cannot be powerful unless the people within it are individually submitted to Christ and empowered by Him That means my commitment to Jesus affects my church for better or worse. In my comfortable Orange County existence, I tend to put other things above Jesus – even service to the church can become a side issue(idol)..


    1. Hi Kathie,
      Thanks for your note and thoughts. I certainly agree that God’s power is meant to serve His purposes which, incidentally, always best serves His Creation. I believe that the struggle you describe – placing things above Jesus – is a problem for most people, most of the time, regardless of where they might live. The reality of idols in our lives has plagued humanity since the beginning of humanity.


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